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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Democratic deer in the Colbert Report headlights

I've liked the Colbert Report on Comedy Central since it debuted. It took me a while to get Steven Colbert's schtick, and it's clear some still aren't aware of what he's doing. Case in point, last night's (3/29/06) show where he again highlighted a House district, and the congressman who represents them. And the Democratic rep from California's 29th District, Adam Schiff, was totally unprepared for this clown in his office. Sorry, no serious questions today, just a clever parody.

Iowa has only one Democratic representative in Congress (hurry up November!). I think I'll write Leonard Boswell (a veteran) and give him the heads up. Steven's predictable fastballs right in the strike zone could generate some homers for the good guys.

So yeah, I blog now. What of it? I'll get around to the profile soon. Hope to post the occasional video clip too.