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Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Corner

I actually think the Christian wing of the GOP has painted itself into an interesting corner here. To fully support a 3rd party run would show the limits of their voting power, which I suspect would be hard-pressed to surpass Perot's 1992 numbers. Maybe a 20-24% cap, the Bush base. But the entire party apparatus is dominated by this segment of the party. I agree with what Digby said, "they are in politics for the long run", and this run started possibly as far back as 1976, when they almost forced a Ford-Reagan "co-presidency" ticket. Since then, true believers (or at least those who dare not cross the God faction) have aggressively sought and won spots in the power structure from the top on down to the county chairs.

So what I see is a Titanic of a party, unable to change course for this election cycle, and almost certainly not for 2012 and maybe beyond. Determined to represent "values", but the "values" now in full display by the GOP are turning independent voters away. Without votes from the middle, or with the Christian wing going on it's own, either way the Republicans will have minority status for years to come. So I don't see the religious right leaving the GOP for another minority party, and I doubt the GOP can rid itself of them.

Brokered convention, anyone? And if Rudy manages to get the nod there, I think the GOP GOTV will go MIA.


Ok, I see Howie got there first. DWT!


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