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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The potential for change - the death of taxation?

I've been rolling it around in my head the last decade or so, that given a broad enough base with universal internet access, and confidence in the security of electronic transactions and ALL other domestic internet communications, we as Americans may someday be able to self-fund a large and growing portion of the responses to perceived social needs. In fact, a global cooperative of this kind of work could well arise.

I believe we have a chance to begin aiming toward a truer marketplace of ideas, where right alongside the businesses, charities can continue their good works and people can contribute small amounts much more easily. Small donations multiplied many times over, if the solicitors are persuasive enough in their arguments. Online fundraising is nothing new of course, but I see an opportunity to put our money where our mouths are.

My grandmother served three terms as the mayor in my hometown, and she was also director of the local food bank for years. The latter activity gave her immense personal gratification. The farm crisis and unemployment made for some tough times for area families. People of the town gave so generously that Grandma had wonderment in her voice as she spoke of it. They saw a need and gave, wanting no thanks, for they saw with their own eyes how hard some folks had it.

My point here is, we should make it a national goal to facilitate impulse donations of any size to any cause, such as that local food bank. Local or national to begin with, since charitable finance rules need to apply or even be re-written, as well as banking laws. A global framework for certification or reciprocity may evolve as well. But ideally, one should be able to see a need, and have a way to help fill it. It could well allow us to someday bypass an inefficient system of collection and distribution, one tax at a time. National defense of course benefits all, and the costs should be shared equally.

See, we are not all about tax and spend.

Update: 12/23/06

NPR Report: "Young Donors Turn to Micro Loans
All Things Considered, December 23, 2006 ยท A new kind of philanthropic giving -- particularly among the young and web-savvy -- is facilitated by a non-profit organization called Kiva. Donors are encouraged to give microloans to entrepreneurs in the developing world."

Kiva's website


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